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Top 10  Elements of Modern Website Styles

Modren website

Now that we know what a modern website design entails, let’s explore it further. In this post, we will discuss the advantages of contemporary website components and examine the best ways to create websites, using examples from Kaz Insider as examples.

With 1.88 billion websites currently available, it is obvious that to stand out in the modern digital world, your website design must provide a top-notch user experience.


What is Modern Website Design, and why should you use it?

By incorporating contemporary components and design ideas, a modern web design prioritizes aesthetic quality and usability. Visualize an old website from the early 2000s, complete with Comic Sans font and grainy stock photos. Contrary to this, modern websites.

Whether you’re launching a new company, re-branding, or simply planning to update your website, optimizing it with the chic, up-to-date, and expert features of a contemporary website design can help you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Increase your audience reach
  • Increasing consumer faith in your company
  • Keep visitors on your website for longer
  • Improve conversion rates
  • To enhance user experience


Contemporary Website Design Components

10 typical components of contemporary website design are listed below for you to use as inspiration for your website. Kaz Insider, some of the most cutting-edge contemporary design elements have been successfully used on real websites.

  1. White space
  2. Scrolling effects
  3. Strong hues
  4. Large fonts
  5. Compatibility of devices
  6. Movement
  7. Minimalism
  8. Tidy website design
  9. Easy to follow
  10. Home page video


White Space

Modern web design celebrates organization by using white space. As a result, the content on a page is organized visually.

To draw visitors to essential areas of your website, use white space to separate the visual order of items like images, text, and calls to action. Any hue can have this contemporary appearance, provided the material is appropriately spaced, therefore it is not necessary to use white.

The website of Kaz Insider does a fantastic job in white space. Their brand name, vibrant typography, and rich photographs are given center stage by the website’s background’s white space, providing the site with an especially contemporary appearance.


Scrolling Effects

Say goodbye to static portions and hello to “scrolly-telling.”

In addition to a simple design, interesting scroll effects can make surfing more engaging. Effects like parallax scrolling give a fun and contemporary touch while enticing users to explore more of your website since they seamlessly blend movement and smooth flow.

—->Using the Kazinsider, you can apply the following various scrolling effects:

  1. Scroll-triggered animations: Scroll and animations appear, but the rest of the page remains static.
  2. Parallax scrolling: Scroll down and the background changes, as on Ivy Chen’s website.
  3. Horizontal scrolling: Your page moves to the right or left instead of down. Long scrolling: You scroll down one page for a longer period.
  4. Infinite scrolling: The page will go in a loop and you will scroll down and eventually start over at the top.


Strong Hues

A modern website looks better when it uses vivid, strong colors. Because of this, choose a color scheme for your website that fits the tone of your business. Particular emotions are reflected in certain hues.

Authentic authority, security, and confidence are displayed, for instance, in blue. Because of this, blue is a common color scheme for websites. To draw in more people, you can also select some exceptional and odd colors.


Large Fonts

All of the website’s textual material is centered around the font that is used in the design. Typography covers your choice of font, font size, line spacing, font color, line length, and other elements. Understanding the written content on your website without any problem is typography’s ultimate purpose. The back button will be quickly pressed if this happens.

The website’s font selection is the most significant aspect of the typography. When developing a website, keep these three fundamental guidelines in mind. The font should, first and foremost, be very readable. The user may not even be aware of it and begin concentrating on the typeface rather than the information because it is so obvious. A single typeface should be utilized throughout the entire website, and no more than two fonts should be used overall.

Thirdly, it is always advised to use your font rather than the default font when creating a brand, especially if you have the resources and time to invest in brand building. Your font is equivalent to your brand, so even when readers are reading promotional content on a third-party website, they should be able to associate it with your brand.


Compatibility of Devices

Making a site that only works on desktop computers is obsolete because mobile devices now account for half of all web traffic worldwide. Being able to deliver a pristine and user-friendly mobile website is essential for a modern website. Regardless of the device used, your aim as a website owner is to maintain a uniform user experience.

You can easily optimize your website for mobile viewing with the help of the built-in Kazinsider Mobile Editor, making it look fantastic when you’re on the road. An illustration would be the sleek, consistent, and user-friendly website design of the hair care brand Babe Formula. The sections and visuals on both versions align to portray the same polished but approachable user interface.



Movement, also referred to as animation web design, is a trendy website design component that enhances user interaction when users click, scroll, or hover over content. Given that our eyes naturally seek motion and focus on things in motion, this is surely attention-grabbing. Overall, complex features like animation and motion encourage playfulness and encourage visitors to stay on your website longer.

These suggestions will help you include animation in the design of your contemporary website.

i) The cursor or button should be amusing:

A pizza slice might serve as your pointer if you run a pizzeria. This may be relevant to the entire layout of your website or just certain pages, such as the design of your online forms.

ii) Photos that Rotate:

If your business is in the travel and tourism industry, you can display vacation packages with photos of various destinations.

Objects that swirl into the shopping basket after a customer clicks “buy” on your website.

As you hover over various menu items, they change in the navigation menu animation, much like the bitten-off buttons on this food marketing website.



Modernism and minimalism are occasionally used interchangeably. Despite being distinct from one another, they have a significant impact. Modernism emphasizes light, as streamlined and clean-lined as possible design whereas minimalism adheres to the maxim “less is more.”

You should take simplicity into account when creating a modern website. By following the minimalistic idea, visitors will be able to quickly gather the information you’ve provided. In addition, a website with a basic design will benefit greatly.


Tidy Website Design

Building a unified visual experience is a key component of contemporary web design. Although a lot of designers are experimenting with asymmetrical layouts these days, a traditional symmetrical website layout will guarantee that your material is divided into a neat and orderly structure.

–>Below are examples of two similar layouts:

Websites with portfolios should use card-based designs. This layout, which has hints of a collage, is straightforward to use, maintains consistency across devices, and reduces all visuals to bite-sized chunks.

Visit Blanca Mora’s card-based web design illustration portfolio to showcase her work. Despite complementing one another to produce a contemporary, seamless web experience, each of her stunning pieces is given a chance to shine in its rectangle.

Split-screen designs for user navigation that work well. A rapid navigation experience to featured subpages is created by this interface layout, which separates the main page into two or more vertical sections.

“Designing the website with those two purposes in mind is a modern design decision given that they are the main reasons why their visitors access the site.


Easy to Follow

Your website’s links and menus are arranged by its navigational structure. The links between pages and how simple it is for visitors to find them are both influenced by your navigation menu. Nobody has time to spend time on a website that isn’t intuitive in the modern world, therefore you should make it as simple as possible for users to move from point A to point B on your site.

Dog collar store Hound Squad implemented best practices for website navigation, such as a drop-down menu. Second, they made it simple for visitors to return to the beginning by connecting their emblem to their site. Earlier web pages had menus that were poorly calibrated and overloaded with alternatives.


Home Page Video

In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), “using video boosts organic search traffic to your website by 157%” and “your site is 53X more likely to rank on the first page of Google if it includes video.” Not only that, but videos also increase engagement in terms of contemporary website design. You can communicate more in fewer words by using video, which may be digested more quickly than text.


Bottom Line

For a website to be successful, usability is essential. Your chances of success increase when your website has good usability, which helps to deliver a seamless experience for visitors. One of the things that distinguishes a professionally designed website from the competition is this. The ten elements of usability listed above must be present on every website. Your website may become successful as a result.

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