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Mayeli Alonso First Wife of: Lupillo Rivera

Mayeli Alonso and lupillo Rivera


In this article, we talk about Mayeli Alonso. Instagram celebrity and well-known Mexican businesswoman Mayeli Alonso Her affiliation with Lupillo Rivera is well-known. As the CEO of the internet store Town of Lashes, which sells fake eyelashes, she became extremely well-known. Her online fashion blog, Pink Fashionista, was founded. The majority of her life has been dedicated to her career in the beauty industry. She aims to inspire many enthusiastic minds because she is passionate about seeing dreams come true. Numerous admirers now look up to her because of her exploits and achievements. Nonetheless, she is a modest and humble person.

Early Life

In the year 2024, Mayeli Alonso will be 39. December 1, 1984, in Chihuahua, Mexico, was the birth of the makeup mogul. Mayeli Alonso is a Sagittarius by sign because of her birthday and birth month. Her nationality is Mexican, while her ethnicity is Spanish. Mayeli Alonso was reared by her loving parents in her homeland in Mexico when she was a child. Mario Alonso Ibarra and Mrs. Alonso are the names of her parents. Whatever the case, the public is unaware of her siblings’ specifics.

Net Worth & Career

A successful career in a variety of fields has been established for Mayeli Alonso, aside from her status as a celebrity wife. She works as a cosmetics artist, businesswoman, reality TV personality, and social media influencer.” When she entered the beauty and makeup industry in 2014, her career officially began.

She invented Drama Queen Make-up, a makeup brand. Multicolored lipsticks and eyeshadows are among the many cosmetics sold under her beauty brand. Along with an Evolution fitness store that provides fitness-related products, her brand also has a Drama Queen Make-up Academy extension in California.

Town of Lashes is an online retailer of eyelashes, and Mayeli is the CEO of that company. On her blog, Pink Fashionista, she manages a different digital venture that generates revenue. The social media star beauty expert has more than 1.2 million Instagram followers and more than 160k YouTube subscribers. Her social media profile serves as a platform for both product endorsements and company promotion.

Her Husband Lupillo Rivera

Lupillo Rivera, a stage name commonly used by American singer-songwriter Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra, For the album Tu Esclavo y Amo, which he released in 2010, Rivera won best album. The late Jenni Rivera, an actress and singer, was his elder sister. Once TV Azteca acquired the show from Televisa after seven seasons, he served as one of the coaches for the inaugural season of the Mexican singing competition La Voz in 2019.

The couple Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra welcomed Rivera into the world in Long Beach, California. The family who moved to Long Beach, California, before Lupillo was born was Pedro Jr., Gustavo, his mother, and his father. Lupillo attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School, graduating in 1990. He is a singer-songwriter who is talented and youthful.


Loved to the moon and back, Lupita Karizma Rivera (the daughter) and EL Rey (the boy) are the proud children of the stunning CEO of Drama Queen Makeup. As evidenced by her Instagram postings, she spends a lot of time with them. Her daughter’s skincare line was recently highlighted on her blog. So, encouraging! As she makes plain whenever she celebrates their birthday, Mayeli doesn’t make light of them.


Rumors said that Mayeli Alonso’s infidelity to her spouse was the real cause of their divorce. A close acquaintance of the couple also attested to the accusation. Mayeli, though, could not stand to see untrue rumors damage her reputation.

In an attempt to put an end to the myth, she vowed to sue anyone who spread it once more on her Instagram page. Furthermore, the stunning celebrity from Mexico decided to set the record straight by disclosing the primary reason behind her departure from Lupillo Rivera.

She indicated in an interview that their ongoing arguments over money were the reason she left Rivera’s house; this was a financial quarrel. It is also implied that Mayeli Alonso cannot inherit any of Lupillo Rivera’s assets during the divorce because she made this plain when she signed the prenuptial agreement.

Wrap up

In this article, we have provided you with information about the personal life of Mayeli Alonso, the wife of famous personality Lupillo Rivera. She is a beautiful young and passionate drama queen and makeup artist. She saw many ups and downs in his life. And now living a successful life. Her successful posts on social media are attracting people which is why his fan following is increasing day by day.