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Lupillo Rivera Wives: An Informative Biography

Lupillo Rivera Wives

Lupillo Rivera, an iconic figure in Mexican Regional music, has led an eventful personal life. His relationships and marriages with women offer a fascinating look into his personal side, as do Mayeli Alonso (his former wife) and Giselle Soto (his current wife). This article highlights their lives, careers, and connections to Lupillo.


Mayeli Alonso: Lupillo Rivera’s First Wife

Early Life and Career Mayeli Alonso was born on December 1, 1984, in Chihuahua, Mexico. Prior to being associated with Lupillo Rivera, Mayeli established her beauty line, Drama Queen Makeup, which has seen enormous success.

Relationship with Lupillo Rivera

Relationship With Lupillo Rivera Mayeli and Lupillo first met in 2003, and their romance quickly blossomed. On April 29, 2006, they wed in a lavish ceremony that was widely covered by the media. Since their marriage, they have had two children: Karizma (daughter) and L’Rey (son). Mayeli often appeared supportive of Lupillo’s career throughout their relationship—they were considered a power couple within the entertainment industry.

Challenges and Divorce

Unfortunately, their marriage soon faced various difficulties; there were rumors of infidelity and personal conflicts that plagued their relationship. After 12 years together, in 2018, both sides publicly announced their divorce on social media platforms such as Instagram or interviews; regardless, Mayeli continued her professional journey while focusing on her children and business ventures.

Now Mayeli is in a relationship with California-born boxer Andy Ruiz Jr., and both have an upcoming baby news.


Giselle Soto: The Present Wife

Early Life and Career Giselle Soto was born March 1, 1995, in Oxnard, California, and is a successful entrepreneur and beauty expert, similar to Lupillo’s first wife. She owns and operates Giselle Soto Brows salon in Los Angeles, where her expert eyebrow styling has earned her many prominent clients, such as celebrities and influencers.

Relationship with Lupillo Rivera

Lupillo Rivera and Giselle began dating in early 2020. Soon thereafter, their romance quickly progressed into something more serious, leading them to tie the knot at a private ceremony later that year. Unlike his first marriage, Lupillo and Giselle have kept their relationship relatively low-key, focusing more on their personal lives rather than public appearances.

Life Together

Giselle has often expressed her appreciation for Lupillo as both an artist and partner, sharing pictures from their lives together on social media to demonstrate a close bond and mutual support between them. Giselle continues her successful business endeavors while remaining a supportive wife to Lupillo.


Comparisons and Public Perception

Public perception has often compared Mayeli and Giselle, drawing parallels between their entrepreneurial spirits and careers within the beauty industry. Yet their approaches to fame differ significantly; Mayeli married Lupillo more publicly, with frequent media coverage and public statements, while Giselle and Lupillo prefer living a quieter life together, focused on personal happiness away from any media scrutiny.


Lupillo Rivera: Reflections on Relationships

Lupillo Rivera: Reflections on Relationships Lupillo Rivera’s relationships are a testament to the difficulty and challenges associated with managing both personal and professional lives in public view.

His passionate marriage to Mayeli Alonso eventually led to divorce; with Giselle Soto, he has found a more stable partnership that allows both to flourish professionally.

Lupillo frequently shares his past relationship experiences, highlighting the importance of communication, mutual respect, and personal development as the keys to happiness in relationships.

His journey with Mayeli and Giselle showcased this evolution both as a partner and individual – showing a more mature side to him both individually and as an artist.



Lupillo Rivera’s personal life and relationships, particularly those with Mayeli Alonso and Giselle Soto, offer an enchanting tale of love, growth, and resilience. Both women have played significant roles in his journey – each contributing something special to it.

While their stories highlight entrepreneurial success in beauty industry sectors like Mayeli’s makeup line or Giselle’s influence within it – their relationships with Lupillo also demonstrate various facets of love and partnership that remain integral parts of his personal and professional journey – providing inspiration and insight for his fans and followers alike.