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Erykah Badu Mother: A Bio of Kolleen Maria Gipson

Kollen Maria Gipson

Quick Bio of Erykah Badu Mother

Name Kollen Maria Gipson
Date of Birth 1950
Birth Place Grimes, Texas
Gender Female
Husband William Wright Jr.
Children Erykah Badu, Nayrok Wright, Eevin Wright


In this dialogue, we will tell you about Erykah Badu Mother, Kollen Maria Gipson. How Kollen Maria Gipson lived her life and how she faced the vicissitudes of life with bravery and courage and made her name in the world. His daughter’s name is Erykah Badu she is a singer and songwriter. She is a great woman.


History of Kolleen Maria Gipson

The first ever gypsy was Kolleen Maria Gipson Wright. In or around 1950, she was born. In Grimes, Texas, she was born. It is unclear who her daughter’s father is, as well as her siblings and brothers. W. Wright Jr.’s spouse was Kolleen Maria Gipson. In Dallas, Texas, United States, she was married on August 21, 1970.  Mother of the Private Daughter in 1970.

We don’t know when or where she passed away. Erykah Badu is her daughter, according to her. Eevin Wright and Nayrok Wright are sisters to Erykah Badu. Puma Sabiti Cury and Seven Sirius Benjamin Her granddaughter and grandson.


After Married Life of Kolleen Maria Gipson

Erykah Badu Mother, and their father, William Wright Jr., were both performers. Kolleen Maria Gipson was performing in several plays at the time Erykah was born, and after being divorced from their father, Kollen raised Erykah Badu and her siblings alone.


Her Feelings about” Ms., Jacson”

Following their breakup, “Miss Jackson” was written. She claimed that when her mother told her that she had a song written specifically for her, her mother felt proud. Baby, she bought a license plate that read “Ms. Jackson’s approved. She carried both an ink pen and a cup. Everything, including a headband, was on her. She enjoyed it.

Erykah Badu’s mom loved the song “Ms. Jackson”. She bought some souvenirs, such as custom pens, with “Ms. Jackson” printed on them. If you have a favorite song, lyrics, or quote, then buying Custom pens that can be customized with your own content is a good choice.


Erykah Badu’s Relation to Her Mother

Kolleen Maria, wrote a song called To All the Baby’s Mama… Mama’s after her relationship ended in order to express her thoughts. To her daughter Erykah Badu and his husband, William Wright Jr., she sang the Grammy-winning song to express his anguish. Mother was very cherished by Erykah Badu. Her mother was with her the most of the time. When they were younger, she and her mother shared everything. Until the very end, Erykah Badu remained by her mother’s side.


 Erykah Badu daughter of KMG

Erykah Badu

Dallas, Texas is the city where Erykah Badu was born, Erica Abi Wright. Following a breakup with their father, William Wright Jr., their mother raised her, her sister, her brother Eevin, and all three of them by herself. Frequently, the grandparents of the children’s parents would assist in raising them. When Badu was four years old, her godmother, Gwen Hargrove, and uncle, TBAAL founder Curtis King, taught her how to sing and dance, They took her to the Dallas Theater Center and The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL), where she performed.

After graduating from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Badu went on to study drama at Grambling State University, a historically black college. However, in 1993, before she could graduate, she left the institution to devote herself totally to music. To make ends meet at the time, Badu worked a number of minimum-wage jobs.

Children at the South Dallas Cultural Center received her dance and acting instruction. She created the 19-song tape Country Cousins while working and traveling with her cousin Robert “Free” Bradford, and Kedar Massenburg became interested in it. He arranged for Badu and D’Angelo to record the duet “Your Precious Love” and finally signed her to a record deal with Universal Records.



As you have read above in this conversation, we have discussed all the life and events of Erykah Badu’s mother, Kolleen Maria Gipson. Erykah Badu is her daughter. Who was with them the last time? She loved her daughter very much. After marriage, they raised their children very well, and it became an example in the eyes of the world.