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Home » Jacquie Campos Son: A Biography of Jordan Campos

Jacquie Campos Son: A Biography of Jordan Campos

Jordan Campos: Son of Jacquie Campos and Micheal Campos


Name Jordan Campos
Date of Birth April 6, 2016 
Birth Place Long Beach, California, U.S.A.
Gender Male
Mother Jacquie Campos
Father Micheal Campos (Mike Campos)
Siblings Jaylah Yanez (older half-sister)

Jenavieve Campos (big sister)

Julian Campos (little brother)



In 2016, reality personality and actress Jacqie Rivera of the United States gave birth to her third kid. Jordan Campos is a little and beautiful boy. Jordan Campos is the name she gave him along with her spouse, Mike Campos. The nickname “Mike” refers to his father.

Their newest family member has both parents utterly ecstatic. Social media admirers were happy to pictures and videos of the actress’s adorable newborn boy. Soon, she said, baby Jordan would be presented to them. Mike fulfilled his obligation as well. Sharing pictures of himself, he thanked Jacqie with kind remarks. Her strength in bringing baby Julian into the world was being thanked for by him.

Jordan Campos

Jordan Campos was born on 6 April 2016 in Long Beach, California, U.S.A.  He is the age of 8 years in 2024. His father says Jordan is a very naughty and beautiful son. His parent’s name is Jacquie Campos and Micheal Campos. But both personalities professional are different. His Mother’s profession is Singing and songwriting and his father is an actor.

They were a good-looking couple so people liked the pictures and videos they posted on their accounts. Some Personal reasons they decide separation is the best solution to live a happy life. Mike believes the name Jordan will empower him and give him confidence or condemn him. We love our Jordan Campos.


His Mother Jacquie Campos

Jenni and Jose Trinidad Marin welcomed their daughter into the world in Long Beach, California, where she was born. Born to Chiquis Rivera and Michael Marin, she has two siblings. Jenicka and Johnny Lopez, her mother’s two step-siblings from her second marriage to Juan Manuel Lopez, are also with her. In an aircraft accident close to Monterrey, Mexico, on December 9, 2012, her mother passed away.

Jacquie’s father used to abuse her and her sister Chiquis when they were little. Following their parents’ divorce, the incident was found a few years later. After being apprehended in 2006, the father of Jacqie Campos was found guilty and given a 31-year prison term. By the year 2022, the well-known actress will be 33.

Signed under the sign of Scorpio, she was born on November 20, 1989. Career The well-known actress debuted in the television show I Love Jenni in 2011, marking the beginning of her acting career. Her role in the 2016 television series The Riveras, however, helped her gain further notoriety. Currently holding five acting credits, she has made appearances in additional TV shows.


Father Mike Campos

Jacqueline Melina, a well-known singer and songwriter, is the spouse of Michael Campo. Because it exposes one to life and the different roles that exist in society on a social level, acting is a very wonderful career. Mexico was the place of Michael Camps’ birth on March 4, 1986. American actor Mike is well-liked by many for his captivating performances.

However, Michael Campos has only made brief statements about his marital status due to his inability to completely enjoy his marriage. He was unable to overcome his anxiousness because of life’s vicissitudes. for he has experienced numerous issues as a result of marriage. Because of his contentious personal relationships, Mike’s climb to stardom has generated controversy.

His Siblings

Jacqie Campos and Mike were married on November 10, 2012. They had dated for many years before getting married. She has three children with her husband, Mike. Jenavieve Campos, Jordan Campo’s older half-sister, Julian Campos, his younger brother, and Jaylah Yanez, her older half-sister, are her sisters.

Jaylah Hope Yanez, Jacqie Campos’s daughter, was born on November 18, 2009, to her ex-boyfriend Danny Yanez. Jaylah was just 19 years old when her mother gave birth to her.


In this summary, we will tell you about the life of Jordan Campos. She is a beautiful and naughty child. Also, we will provide information about his parents and siblings. His mother Jacquie is a famous singer and actress while his father Micheal Campos is also an actor. Pictures of this family can be seen on social media. Her mother Jacquie Campos has a place among reality stars and is known as the most beautiful and intelligent woman in the industry.