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Jacquie Compas Husband| Micheal Campos famous American Legend

Jacqueline Melina Campos Husband: A Story of Micheal Campos


This article provides a comprehensive summary of the life of Micheal Campos. As all our articles provide you with quality information as per your requirement, in this article also we have provided you with detailed information about Mike’s early life wife Jacqueline Melina Campo’s children, and his separation from his wife. Mike is a young handsome and intelligent actor and has established a wide base due to his hard work.

Early Life

Micheal Campo’s wife Jacqueline Melina famous singer and songwriter. Acting is a very beautiful profession because acting exposes a person to life and various roles that exist socially in society.  Micheal Camps was born on March 4, 1986, in Mexican America. Mike is an American actor who has won the hearts of many fans with his acting.

But in his marital relationship, Michael Campos has told a very short period.  Because he could not fully live his marital relationship.  Due to the vicissitudes of life, he could not solve the anxiety of his life. Because marriage has caused a lot of problems for him.  Mike’s rise to fame has led to controversy due to controversial relationships outside of work.

Because of the current situation, according to the information, Mike has ended his marital relationship with his wife and he continues to share his daily life with his fans to stay prominent on his Instagram and Facebook page.  On his Facebook page, he shares his concerns with his fans.


His Wife and Siblings

The friendship between Jacqie Campos and her late American mother, Jenni Rivera, an actress and television producer helped him become successful. With her mother’s example as her model, Jacqie Campos has become a well-known figure in the entertainment business.

As of 2022, Jacquie Campos, 33, is an American citizen and member of the white ethnic group. She was born Jacqueline Melina Marin on November 20, 1989, in Long Beach, California. Her parents were Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera, who gave birth to her. She rose to fame as a result of appearing in the spin-off series, and on her mother’s reality show, Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C.

Jennifer Rivera, an actress and singer, and José Trinidad Marín are the parents of Jacqie, their younger daughter. On December 9, 2012, a devastating plane disaster claimed the life of her mother, 43. Michael Marin, Jenicka Lopez, Johnny Lopez, and Chiquis Rivera are her four siblings. Her parents are Pedro and Rosa Rivera. Mexico is home to popular singer Chiquis, her elder sister.


Jacqueline Melina Campos Children

Jacqueline Melina Campos Husband: A Story of Micheal Campos
Jacqueline Husband: A Story of Mike


On November 10, 2012, Mike and Jacqie Campos got married. Before getting married, they had been dating for years. Her spouse Mike is her husband, and together they have three children: a daughter named Jenavieve Faith Campos (born March 21, 2014) and two sons named Jordan Love Campos (born April 6, 2016) and Julian Joy Campos May 27, 2020).

Jacqie Campos and her ex-boyfriend Danny Yanez had a daughter, Jaylah Hope Yanez, born on November 18, 2009. At the time of Jaylah’s birth, Jacqie was just 19.



It is reported that on November 10, 2012, Michael Campos and Jacqueline Melina Campos married. Families and close friends attended the opulent ceremony that marked the beginning of their marriage. Also, the reality star posted a picture of herself during her wedding that her late mother, Jenni Rivera, had adorned on her Instagram account.

They had been dating for a long time before they decided to say yes to one another. That first meeting’s specifics, meanwhile, are kept under wraps. Along with having incredible chemistry, the pair looks great together. Following a grueling ten years of ups and downs, they have now finished their marriage.


Wrap Up

As we have told you in this article details about Micheal Campo’s life and ancestry. Mike dedicated his life to the world of acting. And by adopting this profession, he has struggled hard to lead himself on the path of development. And he failed in all his efforts to get his wife Jacqueline Melina Campos to make a milestone with him and finally, they had to separate.