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Fort Myers & Naples Foreclosures (According to Your Need)

Fort Myers & Naples Foreclosures

Naples FT Myers is highly respected in buying and selling real estate. Based on property work, the FT Myers office was established in 2011 due to the tremendous growth in Southwest Florida. It has been valued as one of the most successful brokerage firms in Southwest Florida. He has the support and confidence in the resources of the nation’s largest broker-owned firm to grow his work.

It has national networking as Associates & Lee offices across the country regarding business. Based on this, it has a robust platform with vital locally-owned offices, which includes 59 offices and about 1,000 professional brokerages. These property problem research skills and advanced technology enable professionals to offer superior services to every client they visit.


The Setting of Foreclosure Auction

Fort Myers & Naples Foreclosures

Naples Foreclosures In most cases, the court sets a deadline of 35 days or less for the sale of the property once the lender receives a judgment of foreclosure.


The Notice of Foreclosure Auction

Naples Foreclosures: No later than 24 hours before the sale, the ClerkClerkClerk must receive a copy of the notice of sale and the Affidavit of Proof of Publication. Please check that the notice of sale adheres to the following legal specifications.

The publication of the sale is required by Florida Statute 45.031(2). A newspaper of general circulation, as described in chapter 50, published in the county where the sale is to be held must run a notice of sale once a week for two consecutive weeks. At least five days before the sale, a second publication is required. To be included in the notice are:

  • An outline of the item being sold.
  • the date and location of the sale.
  • An affirmation that the sale will occur following the ruling or decision.
  • This is the action’s caption.
  • Identifying information about the salesperson.
  • Naples Foreclosures has a clause stipulating that anyone other than the owner of the property as of the pendent filing date who wants to claim the sale’s surplus must do so within 60 days following the sale


Foreclosure Auctions

Fort Myers & Naples Foreclosures

The property will be sold at the Naples foreclosure auction to the highest bidder, frequently the bank foreclosing (the bank typically places a credit bid at the foreclosure sale). Real estate-owned (REO) status is achieved if the lender is the winning bidder.

The sale of all assets and liens is made “AS IS.” Consequently, bidders must do their due diligence on the asset or lien. The Clerk’sClerk’sClerk’s office makes no guarantees or representations regarding the location or condition of any property, the condition of any buildings or fixtures, its marketability, current or potential uses, zoning laws or regulations that may affect those uses, current or potential liens, mortgages or other encumbrances, or potential title defects that may exist, including whether any defendants have declared bankruptcy. No encumbrances on any property up for sale are taken under responsibility by the Collier County Clerk.

i) Certificate of sale

As soon as the Fort Myers & Naples Foreclosures sale is completed, the court clerk is required by Florida law to file a certificate of sale. A day after the sale, this typically happens. The certificate of sale will be issued after the complete payment of the transaction price.

ii) Title certificate

After receiving the certificate of sale, the borrower has ten days to object to the bid amount in writing. A certificate of title is given to the successful bidder after the ClerkClerkClerk certifies the transaction after ten days.


The Fees of Winning Bidder

The winning bidder shall pay the following costs by 11:00 am on the following business day by Florida Statutes section 45.031(3): Court Registry fees of three percent (3%) of the first $500 and one and a half percent (1 12%) of the remaining amount bid, plus any additional charges specified in the judgment or decision of the court. You should pay the documentary stamp taxes and your auction-winning total to avoid paying them separately. Documentary stamp taxes must be paid ($.70 per $100) before issuing the Certificate of Title. Read more about taxes

Suppose your bid is chosen as the winning one. In that case, the 5% advance deposit will immediately be deducted from your final payment, and the remaining balance must be paid to the ClerkClerkClerk by 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. EST on the next business day following the sale.


Reduction of compensation after bidding

Fort Myers & Naples Foreclosures

In Florida, a lender may pursue a deficiency judgment as a component of the foreclosure action or in a different lawsuit within a year, beginning on the day the court clerk issues a certificate of title to the buyer who bought the house at the foreclosure sale. In the event of an owner-occupied residential property, the difference between the judgment amount and the fair market value cannot be used to calculate the shortfall. Any legal advice given by a deputy clerk is not permitted.



Fort Myers & Naples Foreclosures professionally conveys all pre-sale rules and regulations to people. It conducts property auctions as per court orders and per its rules. Fort Myers determines fees by property. Fort Myers has made it easy for people to improve their property auction situation in today’s modern era. In this changing era, people are familiar with Fort Myers’s property rules and regulations, making things easier for themselves.

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