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Dive into Fortnite Reload: New Mode In Fortnite

Fortnite Reload

Calling all Fortnite fans! Get ready for a fresh take on Battle Royale with the arrival of Fortnite Reload, a brand-new mode brimming with classic weapons, iconic locations, and a focus on squad teamwork. Here’s your ultimate guide to dropping into this Fortnite new mode.

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New Fortnite Mode, Classic Feels

Debuting on Saturday, June 22nd shortly after 2 PM ET, Fortnite Reload throws you and your squad into a 40-player battle on a condensed map teeming with familiar sights. Tilted Towers, Retail Row – these legendary locations rise once more, ready for you to conquer them.

New Fortnite Mode map

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Squad Up and Reboot

The key feature of Reload is the Fortnite reboot system. As long as one teammate remains standing, fallen players get a second chance! An individual timer counts down, and upon reaching zero, you’ll automatically parachute back into the fray.

Strategic Survival

This mechanic injects a layer of strategy. Aggressive plays become more viable, knowing a teammate can revive you. Conversely, remaining squad members have a crucial role – eliminate enemies to shave precious seconds off your teammates’ reboot timers. Downing an opponent reduces the timer by 2 seconds, eliminations cut it by 4 seconds, and wiping a whole squad grants a whopping 10-second reduction!

Loot Like it’s Chapter 1

Fortnite Reload displays unvaulted weapons

Get ready for some nostalgia! Fortnite Reload displays a curated selection of unvaulted weapons and items from previous chapters in Fortnite. You might come across the Tactical Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, or Lever Action Shotgun as you explore the map; these are all classics.

Faster-Paced Gameplay

The compact island designed for Reload is built for swift traversal on foot. While there are no drivable vehicles to contend with, you’ll encounter a diverse mix of unvaulted loot to equip yourself for battle. From the Revolver and Tactical SMG to the Infantry Rifle and Heavy Assault Rifle, your favorite weapons are back in action.

Victory and Rewards

The core objective remains the same – the last squad standing claims victory. Earning Victory Crowns in FortniteReload works identically to the standard Battle Royale or Zero Build modes. Upon rebooting, you’ll be equipped with a common Assault Rifle and (for Build mode) 100 wood. Eliminated players drop valuable resources, including Small Shield Potions, ammo, and building materials (for Build mode), ensuring you stay stocked up

Claim the Rezzbrella Glider

And for the ultimate bragging rights, secure a Victory Royale in Reload and you’ll be awarded the exclusive Rezzbrella Glider. So, polish your skills, assemble your squad, and get ready to dominate the action in Fortnite Reload!